George Lucas and Melody Hobson Donate $10m To USC


The George Lucas Family Foundation have donated a further $10m to USC’s School Of Cinematic Arts bring their total donation to $20m…

The fund is designed to help underrepresented communities qualify for financial support and gain access to undergrad and graduate programs at USC. The successful students are known as either George Lucas Scholars of Melody Hobson Scholars.

Michael Renov, the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs said –

“We are grateful that Mellody Hobson and George Lucas continue to provide visionary leadership on issues of diversity in our field. This endowed fund allows us to recruit storytellers whose voices are underrepresented in cinematic media, and whose inclusion benefits all of us.”  – Michael Renov

I know this isn’t exactly Star Wars news, but I wanted to reming everyone that the guy that gave us this thing we love, is an incredibly generous individual who does a tremendous amount to good work with the resources Star Wars has afforded him.

Thank you George.

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I’m very glad all that money I spent on Revenge of the Sith merchandise ended up here.