Having intrusive thoughts about, e.g., murder, does not inherently actually make one a murderer.
Accusing someone of actual murder, when they only admitted to intrusive
thoughts about murder, does literally no good to anybody.

There is literally no good outcome of conflating thinking about some horrible act and actually doing the thing. That way lies Orwellian thought-crime-policing absurdity.

Why the hell are people acting on the opposite assumption?

(Ironically, many of the people throwing around claims like this will then go and throw around actual death and violence threats / wishes, among other things – which seriously undermines their credibility, to say the least.)

As someone who’s had a literal lifetime of absolutely horrific intrusive thoughts (anyone can ask me about ‘em, I’m an open book, it’s for the better) I find this site’s attitudes towards them……………um. Disappointing.