Holt: That’s actually a very difficult question. The whole show is amazing. I’ve been a fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda since IN THE HEIGHTS. BRING IT ON, THE MUSICAL, I think, is a work of under appreciated brilliance. And I have been mulling over which is my favorite song since seeing the show last February. (Kevin and I are members of the Public.)
But if I were forced to choose, I would probably say “Non-Stop.” Miranda does a masterful job of weaving each characters leitmotifs into a rousing crescendo that builds on everything that has happened in Act I while foreshadowing the tragic fall in Act II. You can really hear why he won a MacArthur Grant.
My least favorite, by the by, is “You’ll Be Back.” I have had that song stuck in my head for DAYS at a time.
Peralta: Hey, I’ve been “All About the Hamiltons” since 2005! I love this show!
My favorite was the Cabinet Battles. Those were awesome! Wouldn’t it be great if interrogations were done that way? I’ve tried but… suspects haven’t really gone along with me.
Santiago: “Non-Stop.”
No, not because it’s Captain Holt’s favorite. Is it? I didn’t know that. But I’ve loved Alexander Hamilton since I was a little girl. I would go to the New York Historical Society every weekend. I wrote my fifth grade book report on his biography. “Non-Stop” really captures that relentless work ethic I so admire.
(Oh, jeez, is it really the Captain’s favorite too? Now I look like a kiss up. Maybe I should pick something else. Can I get back to you?)
Boyle: Well, at first it was “Schuyler Sisters,” then it was “Helpless,” then “Satisfied,” then “Burn,” then I went back to “Helpless,” and then back to “Satisfied,” and went back and forth between the two, and finally ended up back at “Schuyler Sisters.” Really, I wish that the show was all about them.
I just want to know more about Peggy.
Diaz: This is stupid. It’s a stupid question. What kinda dummy ranks songs? It’s a good show, I like it, what does it matter which song is “the best”?
Besides, it’s obviously “My Shot.”
Jeffords: My favorite is, huh, okay, you can do this, Terry. Keep it together. It’s, huh, it’s “Who Tells Your Story.”
Hoo boy. Just… when Eliza wants to show Alexander… what she’s proudest of, I… just… *breaks down in ugly tears*
Linetti: You have to ask?
*pushes button on her phone, music starts playing”

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