A Summary Of Events (that Thunderbirds fic) part three

THIS IS FINALLY DONE! It also has a proper title now, which I will edit into the previous parts.

Contains what is hopefully some mild satire as well as some fourth-wall breaking. Is an attempt at putting the whole concept of Thunderbirds into a ‘real’ future world, but hopefully isn’t Dark and Gritty with it.

Will also be on AO3, with some slight edits, later. now


From reddit – Virgil Tracy AMA:

mrsantiago: who’s the most important woman in your life?

Virgil_Tracy: Of the ones still living, my grandmother.

boobsfartboobs: r you gay

Virgil_Tracy: yes

angryballoon: Why do you do what you do? Essentially, you put yourself into very dangerous situations for little reward and (here’s the kicker) no pay. Why? Is it for thrills? What’s the attraction?

Virgil_Tracy: Money never comes into the equation, for any of us. Dad and Mom’s fortunes combined gave us enough money to keep the Thunderbirds flying for a good few more decades at least. And we do get money from other sources, including donations sometimes. That being said, there’s less than you’d think. For example, most of Tracy Island is currently unlivable due to unsteady ground, snakes, scorpions etc. Ideally we’d be able to build low-cost housing or something there, but there just isn’t enough money to cover so much land.

As for why we do it, because, short answer: we have a responsibility. All of us were born into more money than most people will see in their lifetimes. We had to do something with it that would help the world rather than hinder. I know that that’s what Dad said during the war. And I think that even if Mom hadn’t died in the way she did we’d be doing this.

deathgunz1: did you know your name sounds like ‘virgin’

Virgil_Tracy: I did


Transcript of hearing, part six:

PROSECUTION: The Great Global War took its toll on the world, it’s fair to say. And without Jeff Tracy’s technology more might have suffered. Do you all agree with that, audience? I think we do.  Press your buttons to vote if you wish.

[Result: YES]

PROSECUTION: And yet, as many of our world leaders have stated, keeping such technology in the hands of such a small, untrustworthy group of people – one of whom is, I remind you again, related to a terrorist – is a deeply, pardon my language, stupid move.

SCOTT TRACY: But the GDF don’t think so.

PROSECUTION: The outcome of this hearing may strongly affect your relationship with the GDF.

SCOTT TRACY: Yes, all right. But before we go on I really need to remind everyone, including you, that the Thunderbirds are legally our property, and you really can’t force us to give them up.



From irfans.thenewtumblr.com

We don’t know who the Prosecution is and we will probably never know, but he’s revolting. The worst kind of puppet.


From irfans-unofficial.thenewtumblr.com

let’s distract ourselfs w/ pre-war memes. of the five tracys, which one do you think is most likely to be a cinnamon roll?

comment from baconlover12: what’s a cinnamon roll?
reply from irfans-unofficial: I don’t know


Tweets from the scene:

brainsoftheoperation: This is a reminder to everyone that the technology used to create the Thunderbirds

brainsoftheoperation: is is fact available via negotiation to all, including governments

brainsoftheoperation: but what every comer has lacked so far IS

brainsoftheoperation: a) pilots willing to give up their social lives and commit virtually every waking hour to command the ships

brainsoftheoperation: b) a good enough network of skilled and trustworthy agents

brainsoftheoperation: c) THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE a guarantee that they will never be used as weapons of war

brainsoftheoperation: and d) a cool enough space station


Transcript of hearing, part seven:

[JOHN TRACY is back on the stand]

PROSECUTION: Who’s manning Thunderbird 5 whilst you’re here, John?

JOHN TRACY: It can be commanded unmanned with EOS – I mean, the EOS program.

PROSECUTION: A completely untested AI. Good to know.

JOHN TRACY: And my grandmother and our chief engineer are co-ordinating everything else. You know, since we’re stuck here answering stupid questions and all.

PROSECUTION: It hasn’t occurred to you that other, government-funded organizations would be able to step in should a world-changing disaster occur in the next hour or so? Ones that actually follow orders and support the needs of the taxpayers, I might add?

JOHN TRACY: Are you going to make a point here?

PROSECUTION: I’m going to make a point to the entire world. Ladies and gentlemen, society has improved. It has improved incalculably, since the war. We are a smarter people now. But to keep a better world, we need to be very careful that no one person – or group of people in this case – puts themselves above everyone else. In other words, no-one should be bending the law. And especially no-one with machines capable of wiping out whole cities should be bending the law. That’s common sense. It doesn’t matter if you think the laws are unjust.

JOHN TRACY: Am I going to get to speak-?

PROSECUTION: Does anyone remember the California housing protests in 2055? Audiences, do you? Let me know.

[Result: NO]

PROSECUTION: Exactly, it was an event that passed almost entirely under the radar. But video footage and photographs prove it – Thunderbird 4 mysteriously rising from the ocean and dispensing hundreds of first aid kits, food packs and sleeping bags.

ALAN TRACY: [from the defendant box, loudly] That was a fun day, wasn’t it, Gordon?

GORDON TRACY: It was an extremely fun day.

PROSECUTION: So – this goes out to all of you – why involve yourself in that dispute?

SCOTT TRACY: Because the government was letting them down.

PROSECUTION: You five have stated yourselves that your job is to rescue people. Not to-

ALAN TRACY: – help them?

PROSECUTION: In the bluntest terms, yes. There are some things you should not get involved in as a private organization. And among them are: immigration, protests, the toilet paper shortage of 2059….

GORDON TRACY: Ooh, that was another fun one.

PROSECUTION: And anything else where inaction wouldn’t immediately result in loss of life.

SCOTT TRACY: Immediately has nothing to do with it. That protest in California, all of those people were sleeping on the streets during a very cold winter. Say we hadn’t turned up and given out so many supplies. Maybe, due to help from other sources, all but…I don’t know, four or five of them would have survived the winter. But that’s four or five too many deaths!

PROSECUTION: It’s not your responsibility!

SCOTT TRACY: Of course it’s our responsibility.

ALAN TRACY: Because, with great power comes great responsibility. [Everyone looks at him]. That’s from Spider-Man.

VIRGIL TRACY: We all know that, Alan.

PROSECUTION: Alright, let’s run with the power thing, shall we? You’ve all said it to the media more than once throughout your lives: you own and control some of most powerful machines on the planet. No one group should ever, ever be given access to that much power. Isn’t that how the war started? A mass sense of other people hogging all the power? Of inequality?

SCOTT TRACY: Inequality such as…having to flee your poverty-stricken hometown on a sinking boat, for example?

PROSECUTION: Let’s turn to the US Constitution, shall we? It’s gone but it’s most certainly not forgotten. It states that all men – all people – are created equal. Do you agree, Tracys? Are all men created equal?

[Looks between them, then:]

JOHN TRACY: Of course not.


JOHN TRACY: I don’t know about creation but of course we’re not remotely equal. We weren’t before the war and we’re still not now. Hundreds of tiny things – location, brain chemistry, skin colour, what side of a government decision you’re on – they can all make the difference between living and dying. That’s not equal. Which is why it’s so important that we treat everyone equally, by doing everything possible and then some to make sure they actually stay alive, no matter who they are or what they’re doing or where they came from.

[Cheering. Lots of it.]

PROSECUTION: That’s a very impassioned speech. Congratulations.

[John goes to hug his brothers. Tanusha Kyrano has gone to join them too. Assorted security guards attempt to calm everybody down.]

PROSECUTION: But I think the time for making impassioned speeches has come to an end now. Audiences across the world – we’ve reached the end of this hearing. Time to vote! Based on what we’ve heard here today, should this…merry band of leftovers, fools and misfits get to keep the weapons of mass destruction known as the Thunderbirds? Really, should they? Remember everything I’ve said to you about responsibility.


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