The 2004 Thunderbirds is an okay kids movie, a terrible adaptation and a vast wealth of untapped potential, because I’m positive that there’s actually a quite good Thunderbirds film in there somewhere. I mean, it has the basics (family, brothers, cool machines, technology…)

I’ve heard a lot about what a mess the production was and that’s probably why it went so wrong, and *winces* the fact that it was so Americanized probably didn’t help. Despite most of the original characters being American the show always had this sort of stiff-upper-lip Britishness to it that the movie completely failed to catch. Plus, too much focus on the younger/aged-down characters.  I heard that the film was only greenlit after the success of Spy Kids, which is very obvious. And completely the wrong direction to go in!

Argggh, you could make such a good live-action Thunderbirds if you went in a MCU-style family-friendly-sometimes-perilous-but-still-optimistic route. But I bet due to the failure of this one, no-one’s ever going to try it again. Humph.

Anyway, 5* has now stopped showing Thunderbirds and is now back to shows about how awful poor people are, so that’s my cue to leave.