taiey said: *looks up from mountains of AU fanfiction* yeah.

s’like, a lot of the dialogue is bland at best (apart from the handful of REALLY GOOD lines in there) but as a story told through visuals and music the prequels are incredible. I know that’s a really unpopular opinion, but…meep. And I love that the visuals tie into the OT so well, with shots being mirrored constantly. I keep meaning to do a nice long gifset series about that…

ANYWAY I JUST LOVE STAR WARS SO MUCH, EVERY LAST BIT OF IT, it’s like this gorgeous modern mythology/sandbox and people are constantly adapting it and expanding on it (Star Wars Shakespeare is a thing!) and I love that too, I hope that in the far future scholars will fiercely be debating questions like “did Padme die of her broken heart or did Anakin’s force choke her?” or “were Jedi Padawans basically just trained child soldiers?” that sort of thing, just like we discuss old myths now