Help some children have the chance to grow up for my birthday!


Hey so, I was going to just post something like “If you want to get me something for my birthday, you can,” but then a friend’s message reminded me that something else is going on this weekend that might make for a better place to put your money. My birthday is on October 10th, which is this weekend – the same weekend of the release of Warner Brother’s Pan movie

As you may have heard, not only is the production whitewashed, but it also is one of the few Peter Pan-related film productions to neglect to pay a royalty to the Great Ormond Street Hospital, which is the children’s hospital to whom the copyright of Peter Pan was originally gifted by J. M. Barrie (on the basis that, as a prequel, it does not technically qualify as an adaptation required to be licensed). While the production team did make a donation to the hospital’s charity prior to filming, it has been pointed out that the copyright benefits have been “enormously valuable – not only in financial terms but also as a symbol and icon” to the hospital. 

Many people are boycotting the film, and others may simply avoid seeing it for bad ratings or disinterest, so the percentage value of royalties might not amount to as much as other films regardless. However, it seems to me that it might be nice for those who either are intending to see it, or would see it but are boycotting, to make a donation to the Great Ormond Street Hospital charity to make up for it. I’d say, offer as much as you’d pay for a movie ticket! Match the ticket price if you see it, or donate instead of a buying a ticket and spend just as much money. 

Peter Pan as a story, a concept, and an icon is something that’s really important to me personally. I have a Peter Pan tattoo, I’ve sewn my own Peter costumes, have enjoyed multiple adaptations, and I plan to get matching acorn “kiss” tattoos with my very own Darling. So it seems appropriate to ask that, if you can afford it, consider donating at the very least the price of a movie ticket to the GOSH charity as a birthday gift / favor to me. You can read more about the hospital’s relationship to the story of Peter Pan here, and learn how you can help them continue to treat sick children and give them the chance to grow up. 

To make an online donation, go to this page. You can also donate via phone in the UK at +020 7239 3131, or through post.