also I’m really pleased that Star Wars is gradually coming along in leaps and bounds in terms of representation

Like, back in the OT you had Lando and he was it for POC representation, everyone else was white, plus very few women

Then the PT came along and you had quite a lot of people of colour in positions of power (Mace Windu, Bail Organa, Captains Tycho and Panaka, the admittedly little-seen Queen Jamilia) plus it turned out that Boba Fett had never been a white guy and same with the Stormtroopers, and there were a lot more women around (hi, Handmaidens)

Now in the new movie the main trio consists of a black man, a woman and a Guatemalan man, plus lots of other women cast

And it appears that the heroine of the movie after that is (probably) gonna be a black woman, Gugu-Mbatha-Raw

Star Wars has never been free of dubious racial stereotypes (there’s some really icky ones) and I think it’s probably still got a long way to go, like most things, but I’m really glad it’s evolved so much