Things They Don’t Tell You About Dying Your Hair Unnatural Colors


I’ve had my hair pretty blue for over a month, and seeing as this was the first time I ever did something like this, there were a lot of things I didn’t realize were going to happen.  So here’s the quick guide for what to expect!

  • They will have to bleach your hair: especially if you’re going blue. Unless your hair is platinum blonde or white, they’ll probably have to bleach your hair at least a little.  Some colors, like red I’ve heard, are more forgiving, but blue isn’t.  Any strong enough yellow will turn your hair green, so they really have to be careful.
  • Bleaching your hair doesn’t actually ruin it*: *unless you’ve bleached it a lot.  If you’re dying virgin hair (hair that hasn’t had any treatment), and you do it professionally, there shouldn’t be a problem.  I bleached my hair and the bleach was in for over an hour, and my hair’s just as soft as it was before.  That’s why I tend to recommend against bleaching yourself, because it’s much easier to mess your hair up yourself.  That being said, if you can’t afford to bleach professionally (mine was around $100), I’ve had friends that have been super careful and done their research and been fine.
  • Do your homework: figure out where you want to get your hair done CALL AHEAD.  Talk to them about how much your full treatment will cost.  The last thing you want is a surprise with this sort of thing, because dying your hair can be very subjective and add up very quickly.  Estimate high and be pleasantly surprised later.
  • Color fades; bleach doesn’t: the great thing about bleach is that it doesn’t fade.  Bleach actually removes the pigment from your hair, so that hair will never go back to its original color.  That’s NOT TRUE about the colored dye you use, however.  Even if it’s permanent, it will fade. Dye doesn’t actually sink into your hair, it coats it.  It will wash out a bit with every shampoo, and even just getting it soaked at the beginning.
  • Drug store hair dye isn’t bad at all: that being said, if the drug store has close to the color you like, redying your hair with drug store hair dye instead of paying a ton of money to get it done again is a really good option.  I’ve done that and it turned out great.  $10 splat can be just as good as $50 salon hair dye if it comes in the color you want.
  • At the beginning, it gets EVERYWHERE: when your hair is done initially, when it gets wet it’ll get all over your towels.  When you sleep it’ll get on your pillowcase.  Not all of the dye washes out completely after you get it done the first time, and part of your scalp will turn the color of your hair unless your stylist is super duper careful, so it will also get under your nails.  This’ll stop after about a week, but be careful initially.
  • You will get a lot of attention: and most of it is positive.  Maybe it’s because I live on a college campus in an urban area, but even when I’m out in the city random strangers down the street will loudly tell me how much they love my hair.  People get really excited when they see people with unnaturally colored hair.  The amount of times people have told me how much they like my hair, how much they want to do something similar, but how much they’re too scared to do it is staggering.  People think you’re really brave or outgoing or just generally fun if you have unnaturally colored hair.  It’s much harder to blend into the background.
  • People will recognize you: orientation here at school was both so difficult and so easy because of my hair.  People knew exactly who I was because they recognized the color, but I forgot who everyone else was. Point is: people will remember you.  People will see you everywhere because you stand out.  If you’re used to being a wallflower, it’ll be harder to do that if your hair is bright and unnatural.
  • You’ll get a lot of questions: another really common thing that’s happened to me is people stopping me on the street or on my way to class asking me questions about how I did my hair.  They want to know many of the things I answered above: about bleaching, about permanence, etc.  People will see you as more of an authority on this sort of thing, so be prepared for some questions.

TL;DR: Dying your hair is super fun and really awesome, but there’s more to it than people realize.  Do your research and get ready to be in the spotlight a little more.  Enjoy your amazing hair!

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