trans natasha


Sometimes I think really intensely about Natasha being trans.

And it’s not that she’s ashamed of being trans, but it’s a conversation she doesn’t really want to have with her new coworkers, so Nick Fury promises to keep it under wraps.

But then when she’s in a meeting JARVIS identifies her as “biologically male” in front of all the others for some reason and she’s like fuuuuuck and prepares herself for a really shitty time but like

Steve’s all, “Well, ma’am, if you identify as a woman that’s all I really need to know.”  She keeps waiting for the other shoe to drop there because he’s from the forties for God’s sake, but it never does.

Thor doesn’t understand why this revelation is a big deal, because in Asgard trans people are embraced and accepted, like there are special magic/science reassignment procedures that require no gatekeeping or fuckery, just self-knowledge, and he tells her that she should have been born there, “for not only are you a mighty warrior, but I think my people would have been able to spare you much pain.”  She does not cry about that, but she thinks about it for a long time.

Bruce acts awkward but when she calls him out on it he’s like “I just realized that you have more of a right to be afraid of violence than any of us, and I’m so sorry I contributed to that,” and she ends up buying him a latte so he’ll stop looking so damn anguished.

Sam doesn’t say much, but quietly lets her know that he runs a support group for trans folk that meets every Wednesday, and she doesn’t realize what that means until a day or two later and can’t stop smiling.

And Tony? Tony disappears for like a week, and she thinks it’s because he’s finally revealed himself to be a complete asshole, but then he reappears on her doorstep and, without preamble, says, “I’ve recalibrated JARVIS so it’s got a more nuanced understanding of gender identity and biology, I’m so sorry it outed you, also I built you this new gun as an apology gift.”  

(Clint already knew, obviously.  Because Clint knows pretty much everything about her.)

I will probably need to write this eventually because it is literally my very favourite headcanon.