Mya Hall




was killed in Baltimore.

And the coverage on her by and large has been horrible:

I’d specifically like to bring attention to this line from the article, since I live near the NSA, and my girlfriend drives past it everyday on the way to work:

That someone in distress made a wrong turn, lost their bearings, and panicked when police surrounded them. According to new AP reports that interview those who knew Mya, she was struggling with her mental health and was unable to afford treatment.

Google maps has a really bad habit of actually routing you through the NSA depending on the destination you input in your GPS. Somehow Google maps thinks this is a shortcut. 

So one time my gf accidentally drove down the NSA exit when we were new to the area because Google Maps told her to. She then spent the next hour having her car searched and being questioned by a group of armed individuals (who did pull out their guns) because she had mistakenly made a wrong turn. 

My point is that it’s extremely easy to take a wrong turn into the NSA, especially if you are using GPS for directions. And if you didn’t realize that you had taken the wrong turn (my gf did but there was no way to turn around) being suddenly surrounded by a group of armed men pointing guns at you would probably cause anyone to panic. 

RIP Mya Hall.