As a paraprofessional, I work with clients who can be extremely aggressive (biting, punching, charging, etc) and many suffer from PTSD, Austism, ODD etc. I do feel afraid in that moment but I am a TRAINED professional, emphasis on the TRAINED part. I don’t have a gun on me because I was taught to take down/restrain w/o one. How tf am I, a 5”2 woman working w/18-22 year old 6 foot plus men, able to take down aggressors w/o a problem but the mf police CAN’T?

Reminder to followers that police forces are often just as ableist as they are racist. In Anthony Hill’s case this was an unjust double whammy for him. Change needs to occur now.

I am a care worker and we’re trained to restrain people who are hitting/kicking/strangling you, whilst causing as little pain as humanly possible. Seriously, they drill that into you on day one. You do whole classes practicing these moves in case you have to use them. Have I used them? Absolutely, and whilst afraid, and whilst things that could be used as weapons to badly hurt me were in the mix.

I would point and laugh at the pathetic human specimens who can’t deal with an aggressor without shooting them, if the whole thing wasn’t a horrible combination of racism, ableism and police brutality that’s about as far away from funny as you can get.