30 Women

Okay, this is a challenge antistar_e is doing, and it’s a wonderful idea and I want to do it too. :p

The challenge is to write 30 ficlets for 30 women. (I believe orginally it said fabulous women…but some of these people are downright nasty characters.)

(Doctor Who)

1. Martha Jones

2. Donna Noble

3. Rose Tyler

4. Nancy (from The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances)

5. Francine Jones

6. Sylvia Noble

7. Jackie Tyler

(Star Wars)*

8. Beru Lars

(Spider-Man movieverse)

9. Mary Jane Watson

10. Gwen Stacy

11. Ursula Ditkovich

12. Emily Osborn**


13. Kate Barlow

14. The Warden


15. Laurie Juspecyzk

16. Sally Jupiterkindle a light

17. Gloria Long

18. Rorscarch’s mother


19. Briony Tallis

20. Grace Turner

21. Cecilia Tallis

22. Fiona

(Batman Begins/The Dark Knight)

23. Rachel Dawes

24. Barbara Gordon

(Harry Potter)

25. Dolores Umbridge

26. Hermione’s mother

(Lord of the Rings)

27. Eowyn

(Blind Faith)***

28. Sandra Dee

(V for Vendetta)

29. Evey

30. Evey’s mother

*Not including Leia or Padme because I’m no good at writing them.

**Okay, she’s not actually in the movies, but she’s mentioned. I wrote her in Faith In Humanity and I like my version of her.

***This is a Ben Elton novel. It’s probably not that good a novel but I like it all the same.