Watchmen the movie: very long review/rant

It’s not bad, really. Just not quite what I’d call great.

The film starts off well. I love the opening sequence, as it very nicely introduces us to all the characters and has a great song over it. I’m not too bothered about the big plot change (Veidt making out that Dr Manhattan is the one responsible for the destruction), in a way I kinda like it.

The one and only improvement over the book is that Dan is there when Rorscarch is killed: nice to know the poor guy won’t go completely unmourned.

Dan/Nite Owl II
Patrick Wilson’s great, no complaints there. I also love the ‘snow owl’ costume- okay, that’s the only other improvement over the book, as the one in the book looked a little silly.

Laurie/Silk Spectre II
Laurie’s pretty much my favourite character in the books: the film didn’t even come close to doing her justice. I always thought Alan Moore was good at creating female characters, and the Laurie of the book is bitter, firey, compassionate, bad-tempered…she always felt like a real person. In the film, she’s mostly just kicking butt and looking sexy.

Malin Akerman delivers her lines like a particularly wooden tree, as well. I haven’t seen any of her other movies so I have no idea how good an actress she actually is, but she’s miscast here, I think the role’s too big for her. She doesn’t even look that much like the Silk Spectre.

But I am awestruck by how much Jackie Earle Harley looks like Walter Kovacs. It seriously looks like he just stepped out of the novel. So much that it’s almost disconcerting. His performance was great too, absolutely nailed Rorscarch’s complex nature.

Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias
I liked how they made Matthew Goode look. He looks sort of…like a puppet. Yeah. He doesn’t look a thing like Adrian in the books, but it works anyway.

When Dan and Rorscarch are going through Adrian’s files, there’s a file on is computer marked ‘Boys’. Considering that in both book and film it’s implied that Adrian is gay, I really hope they’re not hinting at the ‘homosexual = pedophile’ thing, which I thought everyone except possibly the Daily Mail had grown out of.

Edward Blake/The Comedian
Yeah, he was well cast. Can’t think of much else to say here really…

Jon Osterman/Dr Manhattan
He was also well cast…the voice is perfect.

Other characters
I don’t like the way Carla Gugino played the older Silk Spectre, but I can’t really put my finger on why. I liked that Malcolm (the prison psycharist) was included, and I love that Bernard and Bernie (the newsvendor and his customer) were in there even if it was only for a few seconds. I loved them in the book.

The Vast Amounts Of Blood Spattering All Over The Place
This is my main complaint with the film. I don’t think all the gore was needed, you know? Maybe this is just me, I’m very squeamish (there’s a reason I hardly ever watch horror films) but there’s just something…off-putting…about seeing the Comedian flinging Sally all over the place and punching her and kicking her, you know? I just can’t see how anyone would really want to watch that. Same as I don’t know why anyone would want to watch a living man’s arms being chainsawed off, or bones being broken graphically, or any of that stuff. Can someone explain it? So yeah, didn’t like that at all.

Other Stuff
Nite Owl I doesn’t die in the movie…in a way that’s sort of a pity, because his death led to one of my favourite scenes in the book. His death in the book is pretty sad though…

The special effects were brilliant, but I don’t think anyone was expecting anything else.

I’m glad they ended the movie pretty much the same way as they ended the book, I love that ending.

The soundtrack is EXCELLENT. I want it.