Doctor Who: Human Nature

Overhead yesterday when passing a blocked-up underpass:

Kid: Maybe they blocked it up to keep in the ghosts!
Kid’s mother: _____, you really do watch too much Doctor Who.

Made me grin like a loon. And now…


-Eighth Doctor picture in the journal! And some of the others too!

-‘A girl in every fireplace’!

-I quite liked that Rose got a mention, come to think of it. I don’t know why, to be honest. And then I saw the screencaps of the diary and my heart just broke: ‘In my dreams I see her walking away.’ I take that as a sort of hint, somehow, that she’s moved on from crying on the beach- walking away. I don’t know why about that, either…

-The Doctor dances! Again!

-Martha is all kinds of awesome; secretly I hope someone writes Martha/Jenny (was that her name? The other maid?) femslash. It would be so easy to do! Anyone?

-The Doctor’s parents being Sydney and Verity! Oh, that was great!

-And this one struck as being, in a way, the most adult Doctor Who at least since The Empty Child, if not ever…I don’t know why. But oh, I expect the next episode will break my heart.

-Oh, and a special mention for Martha’s ‘He fell in love with a human…and it wasn’t me.’ Awwww, I really felt for her then, although I thought she was a bit sharp with Jean at the end. I couldn’t tell whether she was sincere in her apology or not…

-I apologize for being late for the review party. Straight after the episode, down went the internet. :p