Doctor Who: The Shakespeare Code

MARTHA IS A HARRY POTTER FAN! That gives her a billion brownie points alone.

-Liked the first Rose reference because of Martha’s reaction: it’s exactly the reaction almost anyone would have. I should really get around to writing that Martha-imagines-what-Rose-would-have-been-like fanfic. Disliked the second, although I hold out hope that it’s setting up for something else (i.e. “Martha! THAT NAME KEEPS ME FIGHTING!”)

Oh- and I loved the Doctor’s speech about missing things that were staring into his face- because who’s staring into his face then? Martha. If that’s not a hint I don’t know what is.

I loved loved loved that the Sycorax got a mention, it’s extremely obvious and yet rather clever. Also loved Martha’s (and the Doctor’s, come to that) reaction to the asylum/hospital, and the gorgeous visuals, and the rock-star take on Shakespare, and heck, just liked it overall.

EDIT for sudden thought: There was a lot of stuff in this episode about names- names giving power- was the famous Shakespeare line ‘a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet’ line in there? Because that makes Martha ‘Rose by any other name’. Hmmmm.

God, I hope JK Rowling was watching that one. :p