At some point in the near future, I plan to make a fanvid to The Coral’s ‘Don’t Think You’re The First‘ because it is the most perfect song for School Reunion ever written. But said video would include clips from classic Who, and as I am largely ignorant of classic Who, I thought I’d ask you lovely people for help.

What I’m going to do is open the vid with Rose, and then show clips of other companions which match the lyrics. So far I’ve got…

‘To be untouched by the time’- Romana
Both instances of ‘So don’t think you’re the last’-Mickey, Donna and Martha (but mostly Martha)
‘While you watch from afar/As your world falls apart’ -possibly Sarah

Can anyone think of what companions would fit other lyrics? ‘Sorrow’ and ‘shame’ -who would fit for one of those? And ‘To hear a thousand violins/As the trial begins’- I dunno about that one.

Any help is majorly appreciated. :D