on icons

oh, teh woes.

I feel like an incredible whiner posting this…or at least, someone who can’t take concrit, which Is Not Good…but, in the past three days, I got turned down for both the new DW elite icons comms. (whoelite, and…damn, I’ve forgotten the other one. Sorry.) The most recent one said ‘Colouring needs work and they’re too oversharpened’ (well, not in those words, but you know) and I have to admit I disagree a lot about that (well, maybe not on the sharpening, since I think a couple probably are, although not all of them), so I’ve come to ask advice on whether that is true, or I’m just a huge icon egotist or something.

I swear to God I won’t be offended. They are just icons, I suppose. :p

…and there will also be a batch of DW icons later tonight. I’m quite proud of ’em so far. XD