I went to see X-Men 3 yesterday…

Have decided that amongst all the things blowing up and special effects (which are awesome), this is in fact a movie about Choices. All of the characters can choose to either have the mutant cure or not, and Magneto can choose to, you know, not have a massive war. (which of course, he doesn’t.) And you’ve got Storm and Pyro saying that anyone who wants the cure is a coward, but their powers don’t automatically hurt people, and Rogue’s do. They’ve got no right to decide for her whether she takes the cure- only she can do that. And the only one who gets that is Logan- he tells her she should go if it’s what she wants. He’s the only one who understands.

*points to icon*

In a similar vein, I’ve heard loads of people complaining about how Magneto got shot with the cure in the end, saying that the good guys should never do something like that- but I think he deserved it. He should know, he’s witnessed what happens when one group of people want to be the dominant species on Earth- and he’s going ahead with his war anyway. He’s sending people out to kill children, for pity’s sake.

He may or may not have got his powers back in that scene before the credits though. I haven’t decided…

Jean was pretty awesome. I loved the make-up on her when she was Phoenix. And the big destruction-fest at the end (including Wolverine’s Amazing Stick-On Trousers, heh). I liked that bit- it seemed to me like they were trying to show the contrast between them: Jean destroys and Wolverine heals. (Although I never got the whole Wolverine/Jean thing, sigh.)

I was rather annoyed that Scott died almost straight away. I liked him. They should make a Cyclops movie. No, they should! I’d pay to see it, and if they make it good, so would more people. So there.

Ermm…what else? Storm wasn’t bad, but she didn’t do much except fight. Angel didn’t have nearly enough screentime. Kitty was good and I liked her, but I’d rather Rogue had taken her place.

I was actually really surprised that Xavier died. Wasn’t expecting that for some reason. (ps. Stay after the credits, everyone.)

And I believe that’s all I have to say. Except that I hope if they do make a Wolverine movie, Rogue will be in it.