Go Home (11/12)

Title: Go Home
Author: sarah531
Rating: PG13
Characters: Mickey, Ten, Rose, Jackie, Adam
Summary: In the year 2006, Mickey Smith asks Rose and the Doctor if he can come with them and they say yes. In the year 2012, Adam Mitchell asks Rose and the Doctor not to leave him on Earth with a metal chip in his head and they say no. In the year 2038, someone steps out of a time machine into the burned wreckage of the Powell Estate…

chapter one- a long way down the road
chapter two- take me to your war
chapter three- so far away from home
chapter four- metal and blood
chapter five- a second chance
chapter six- humans in the wreckage
chapter seven- the selfless and the useless
chapter eight- he was a time traveller
chapter nine- page 95
chapter ten- the most powerful and hopeless of them all

Go Home
chapter eleven- end of the road

He ran and ran and he knew Rose and probably the Doctor were following him now, racing after him as fast as they could, and he knew they’d probably do something stupid. Rose especially. He ran past people on the streets, past cars and broken lamposts and all sorts of things both new and broken, and reached Jackie’s house.

Not letting himself think about it, he ran around the back and pounded on the door. No answer. Maybe she was afraid to open it, afraid he was a burglar or a murderer…or a monster…or anything. If she didn’t answer, what would he do? Break the window and terrify her? Where was Adam right now? Why couldn’t he breathe properly? Who was he most scared for, himself or Jackie? And why, why, why

The door creaked open.

Jackie was standing there.

It wasn’t Jackie as he knew her. It was Jackie in her late sixties, Jackie with grey hair, Jackie with no makeup, Jackie who’d had her life ruined. Jackie staring at him, gawping at him, as if she was looking at a ghost…

Mickey?” she said in astonishment, and reached out a hand. “Where’s Rose?”

“Rose is fine-” Mickey said, and raced into the house uninvited. “-but you’re not, right? You’re in danger.” He stared desperately around the house, and then realised that there wasn’t a single answer in here. What could he do, what could he do, what could he do? He was sure there was another way- get Jackie out and to the TARDIS before Adam came, maybe? That seemed sensible. Now he’d have to act fast-

“In danger? Why? How come?” Jackie asked, and her voice was still mostly the same. It was so weird, hearing an old woman speak with Jackie’s voice. “Mickey, what’s happening? Where’s Rose-” She was about to freak out, Mickey knew, so he cut her off.

“Jackie! In a few minutes you’re supposed to be dead! But we’re gonna change that, alright? You have to come with me, right now!” He glanced at the door frantically; where was Adam? Maybe he wouldn’t come. Maybe something had changed. Maybe he was saved. Somehow…

Jackie stared at him in fear.

“Oh God, Mickey…” she began, and then there was a hammering on the front door.

It might not be Adam, Mickey thought desperately. It might be Rose and the Doctor…but no, it had to be Adam. He knew how this story went. Or how it started, at least. It started with Adam, and finished with the burning buildings…

“Right! Jackie, come on! We need to get out of the back door, and then somewhere safe. Alright, Jackie?” He grabbed her hand and pretty much dragged her through the kitchen, and he knew, he knew Adam was going round to the back of the house and was going to catch them there, he knew what was going to happen because he was a time traveller…and he was scared, so scared…

They burst into the back garden and Adam was there, gun in hand.

Time stood still, or slowed down and gave him a few more seconds. Mickey panicked, because right now he could think of only one way out and that was killing Adam. But there was nothing to kill Adam with– Mickey had no gun- and besides, he wasn’t a killer. Never had been.

What was he going to do?

He shoved Jackie back towards the house and shouted at her to run, and she understood and she did. Mickey saw her race out of sight. And Adam laughed hysterically and Mickey remembered that Adam had once been an ordinary teenager, and stupid like him. He was scared, so scared he was shaking, he wanted to run away- he was terrified– but he stepped forward anyway.

“Adam,” he began, “Jackie-”

He was going to say Jackie never did anything to you, don’t kill her, Adam, don’t kill either of us, you’re throwing everything away– but he never got that far. Because Adam shot him.


The Doctor and Rose came tearing up to the house and saw it happen, and Rose screamed and she tried to run out but the Doctor held her back. Adam shook and stared around like he couldn’t believe what he’d just done, and he looked so scared and he backed away and he didn’t kill Jackie, because Mickey had told Jackie to run away and she had. She’d run to her neighbour’s house. And now lights were starting to turn on and people were staring out of windows…

“Mum,” Rose whispered, and she tried to run out but the Doctor held her back.

“No. Not now. Because if you go find her now, this will be the first time you’ve seen her in forty or so years…she’ll have lived half her life without you. But we can go back and see her again and she won’t have. Rose?”

Rose was looking at Adam. She looked at him and looked at the scene before her and sunk to the floor.

“I…” she said hysterically, and then she cried again. She’d been through too much, she couldn’t think straight, and she didn’t know what to do.

“Rose,” the Doctor said simply, and he took both her hands and helped her up.

“What do we do now?” Rose asked, trying to wipe her face. “What do we do? He can’t be dead!”

Sirens started to wail in the distance.

“Say he’s not dead!”

But the Doctor couldn’t say anything to her, couldn’t reassure her, couldn’t do a thing, because he was dead.

Adam had killed him.


They stayed long enough to see Adam being bundled into the back of a police van, and Jackie being interviewed-she had to lie, she didn’t tell them who Mickey really was, she said she didn’t know what had happened and it seemed her heart was absolutely breaking- and lights on all over the street and people all over the garden and general chaos and it was horrible- then they went back to their home, and both of them were lost.

“I’m going to have to tell his mum he’s dead,” Rose said, and she cried and cried and the Doctor held her and blamed himself, but he didn’t voice his thoughts for they would make things worse. All he could do now was look after Rose.

Nothing else mattered at the moment, except her and the events of the past hour.

“What about the estate?” she asked through her tears. “He saved it, didn’t he? Somehow.”

“Yes, Rose. I think he did.”

Rose let go of him then, because she had to, and walked slowly down the corridor and to the Blue Room. She looked around at it, at the books and laptop and Mickey’s stuff on the floor.

“I should have done it,” the Doctor said. “If we’d gotten there ten seconds earlier I would have, Rose.”

“No…I wouldn’t have let ya…” That was one thing she was certain of, and the thought of making that choice, having to choose between Mickey and the Doctor made her feel sick. She would never have been able to do it, and Mickey had taken the choice away from her.

“I know,” the Doctor said.

Rose reached down to the floor and started to pick things up. She didn’t know why and she didn’t care. “Mickey’s mum…” she began, a lump in her throat. “She’s…she’s nice…we have to tell her the truth…”

“We will.”

“She’s the loveliest woman you could imagine. When I was little this sixteen-year-old had a baby and got chucked out of her house, and Mickey’s mum looked after her…oh god, it’s not fair…horrible things happen to good people…”

“Yes,” the Doctor said. One word that pretty much said it all.

They made their way to 2006- the Doctor took care of the travelling, while Rose sat in the Blue Room. She couldn’t cry anymore, she’d run out of tears.

She lay on the bed.


She drifted in and out of an almost-sleep, and the almost-dreams taunted her.

It was 2001, or maybe 2002, or a long time ago at least, and they were sitting by the Useless Hole and they were kissing and nothing could touch them, and he asked- since she’d dropped out of school now, was she going to go away? Move somewhere else? And she said no. She wouldn’t go away…

I won’t go away either then, he said. I’ll never leave you.

She sat up and got out of the bed. No. She wasn’t going to let this happen. There had to be a loophole, somewhere. Something that would let him live.

There had to.

But then, would Jackie and the people on the estate live, or die? She didn’t know, and there was no way of finding out, and Mickey had known that his actions would save hundreds of people. There was nothing she could do.

Except wish things were different.

But they weren’t.

It was 2001, or maybe 2002, or a long time ago at least, and they were sitting by the Useless Hole and nothing could stay the same forever and it was all over now…