Doctor Who: Tooth and Claw

I was going to leave this as just ‘THAT WAS BLOODY FANTASTIC!’ but then I thought, nah.

I say as a huge RTD fan: this is his best script ever.

-I can definately see why this was supposed to be the first episode: it…well, I can’t really say ‘feels more like classic Who’ because I’ve seen hardly any of it…it has werewolves and Queen Victoria and kung-fu monks. Yep. That’ll do.

-I loved the werewolf telling Rose she has ‘something of the wolf in her’, especially considering she still doesn’t remember any of that.

-I loved poor old Sir Robert, and wish he wasn’t this episodes Noble Sacrifice

-I really liked Rose in this episode- sometimes she does things that annoy me, but she was excellent in this.

-I think the visuals in this episode were probably the best yet

-The Doctor was brilliant as usual, although he wasn’t really this episode’s ‘main attraction’ in a way…that was Queen Victoria and the werewolf. (Incidently, I bet this episode is known in the future as ‘the one with Queen Victoria and a werewolf’)

-The ‘exile’ bit at the end was a nice twist, and hints very nicely at the whole ‘the Doctor and Rose become too overconfident in their travels’ thing.

And…that’s it for now! Except to say that has been updated again. :D