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And a snippet from the Holes fanfic I said I would write. Okay, it’s not the same fanfic I had in mind when I said I’d do one…this is a different one…but I still quite like it.

Ordinarily she would have asked “Is anything the matter, sir?” But that was before. The sweet, pleasant Miss Katherine had clearly died along with Sam.
“What are you looking at?”

He didn’t look away, he wasn’t intimidated. Perhaps not really suprising. “I’m looking at the woman who just saved my brother.”

Her jaw dropped; she quickly closed it. “You are? I mean…you are.”

“Tell me, girlie…why’d you do that?”

“They were going to hang him, and he hadn’t done anything.” She just remembered to add “And don’t call me girlie…I have a pistol. I could shoot you and not loose a wink of sleep over it.”

“Somehow I doubt that,” the man said. Katherine, of course, doubted it too. “Answer the question, anyway. Why’d you save him?”

“Because I heard people talking…he was clearly innocent.”

“Ah, but not from their side of things.”

Whose side was he on? “I care nothing for their side of things. This town can go to hell.”

“Now, now…I wouldn’t go that far. Haven’t you ever killed an innocent person before?”

“No, and I don’t plan to.”

“Then you won’t get far out here. No-one can take the law into their own hands and not have a few people caught in the crossfire.”

“I’ve only ever killed one person on my life, and that was the sheriff who was going to hang-” She stopped immediately, but the man was looking at her.

“Ah, so there was another reason.”

“I want the injustice I’ve seen displayed to end-”

“You use a lot of long words,” he interupted her. “You won’t get nowhere by just talking.”

He had sucessfully made her feel like a stupid little girl. She turned to leave, furious.

“Thank you for saving my brother,” he told her.

She stopped. “I didn’t exactly save him. He ran out of town. He could have been bitten by a rattlesnake…or a lizard…or anything.”

“He can look after himself.” The man sounded almost amused. “Anyway, my lady…tell me your name?”

In future years to come she would have no idea why she’d told him. “Kate Barlow.”


There was no mistaking what that meant. “You knew who I was? You did! And that means you know…”

“Sam.” He ignored the sudden look of grief on her face. “Onion Sam. Knew him when we were both kids. His family was the only other black family we knew of, see, and vice versa. I remember his dad…he used to pick onions too, you see. Must’ve shown Sam where to pick them.”

Katherine felt weak. “And you know what happened to him?”

“News reached me.”

“I see,”

He suddenly stood next to her and looked into her eyes. “I have a piece of advice for you. Go home. Don’t forget about Sam…after all, if it had been James hanged I wouldn’t have forgotten in a hurry…but go home all the same. There ain’t anything you can do, understand?”

“Is this just because I’ve decided to achive my objectives with as little blood spilled as possible?”

“There go go again with the long words…girlie. You ain’t made for this kind of life. Kill or be killed. The strong survive. You’re a schoolteacher, ain’t you? You know about nature. How it’s meant to work.”

She realised her fingers were closed around her pistol. “I was a schoolteacher.”

“What are you now?”

The night air was humid and it was closing in around her. She thought of her own bed, in her own home, in her own town…but how did she know it was even still there? They’d taken her lover, her job and her schoolhouse, how did she know they hadn’t taken everything else too?

“Well, I’m not what I was. I’m Kissin’ Kate Barlow…apparently.”

“Thought of that name yourself, huh?” She nodded. “Most outlaws are named by the people trying to catch them.”

“I kissed the sheriff after I killed him. I don’t think it’ll take people too long to get used to my new name.” When he didn’t say anything she added. “And I could kill you if I wanted, and kiss you too.”

“You’re playing a dangerous game.” he said, unconcerned.

“This isn’t a game…and I’m not going home. Ever.”

“Suit yourself,” he said, and put his hat on his head. “I’ll leave you to it then…Miss Katherine. But if you really do intend to right a few wrongs…I’m warning you now, you won’t be able to stay innocent while doing so.”

Then he walked off into the night. Katherine blinked back some tears.

She was not going home.

Lastly but not leastly…

The word “Jew” has been googlebombed by an anti-Semitic group which wants its definition of “Jew” to be the first that shows up on a websearch. If you would like to combat the hate, please link to the Wikipedia definition of Jew. Your link tag needs to include the word “Jew” in order for it to work. –

So I’m going to link the word “Jew” as often as possible…in this journal, if I type a word like ‘jewel’ I’ll link it to Wikipedia’s Jew entry. Unfortunately, there seems to be a lack of words with the word Jew in them. Jewellery, jeweller, jewel…ah well. More oppotunity to invent my own words. :D

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