Holes, and the fanfiction

One of my late birthday presents was the DVD of Holes. I might have mentioned in one of the icon posts that I love that book. And I consider the movie to be the best book-to-screen adaption ever done… (yes, that even includes LOTR and HP)…although since the author did the screenplay maybe that’s not suprising. :)

Now I REALLY want one of those DVD-screencap thingys. There’s a load of beautiful shots in the movie that would make lovely LJ icons…but I have no idea how to make screencaps. Bah.

The book is one of my favourite books, the movie is one of my favourite movies…but there is one thing that bugs me about it. I feel guilty saying this, but…the fanfiction. There is practically nothing in the fanfiction section except ‘girl goes to Camp Green Lake’ stories. What about those of us who want to know what became of the Warden? Or even Elya and Myra or the lesser-written about characters? Heck, what about those of us who think Sam is more attractive than any of the D-Tent boys, except possibly Stanley? ;)

Ah well…I had an idea for a Holes fanfic a while back. Maybe I’ll write it, then…