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You Are A Saga Fan
You are a Saga Fan!

You love the Star Wars saga from beginning to
end–the rise and fall of Anakin Skywalker, the
corruption and redemption of the galaxy, the
carefully woven mythic themes… you make no
distinction among the various movies, and
consider it one, long, wonderful and amazing

What Kind Of Star Wars Fan Are You?
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What Mara Jade are you?

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You are Canon!Obi.

Which Obi-Wan Are You?
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Movie Partners (Girls Only!) by churchbabe
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Lord of the Rings Partner Aragorn
Star Wars Partner Luke
Pirates of the Caribbean Partner Captain Jack Sparrow
Finding Nemo Partner Bruce
Harry Potter Partner Charlie Weasley
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And guess what? I finally got around to updating the main page of hs.net. Now, if you refresh on the main page, a new image pops up. One for each of my fandoms. I like the LOTR one best, and then SW. Go there. I command you…:)