so ur telling me that former death eaters can become ministry workers head masters and teachers who are constantly around children but a werewolf cant keep a job??? lol okay 

actual nazis in politics but people have a problem with gay people teaching their children

when fiction isn’t so fictional

Me as a teenager: The Wizarding worlds laws are ridiculous and everyone in charge is terrible and incompetent!

Me as an adult: Same, but take out the word “Wizarding”



You say “All women are beautiful” but what you probably mean is “All women have value.”

And the reason you’re mixing up those two words is because you’ve been raised to believe that only beauty can confer value on women.

This also explains why so many people jump to “ugly” as an insult when faced with a woman they don’t agree with or don’t like.


not being really overweight but not being thin is a weird place because you never look quite as good as your friends and you’re in that spot that everyone tells you “you’re not fat!” but doesn’t want to say you’re thin and no matter if your weight shifts you always sort of look the same to yourself and in some situations you can hide your appearance but in others its alarmingly obvious, and buying clothes is like a luck of the draw as to if you’ll look thin or huge because it feels like there isn’t an in between 





watching an actress in full makeup pretend to wash her face and then pat dry her still fully contoured cheeks for an acne wash commercial

when i was 13 i had no idea what make up looked like on. media literacy is important

I especially like the makeup remover ads where she takes off her lipstick, to reveal lighter lipstick underneath.

or the commercials for razors with women shaving their already baby smooth, waxed legs

This is such a surreal, dystopian thing about our culture. We literally treat the natural female body like its obscene. No wonder girls grow up with so much self loathing when they feel as if their own skin is incorrect.