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Two big fandoms and one (very?) small one. :D

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War of the Worlds

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I always love reading everyone else’s linkspams, so here’s one of mine, featuring both links I’ve been saving up for ages and some very new ones. :)

First, an important one: Two missing boys in Milwaukee


No Easy Answers by Stoneage Woman -a War Of The Worlds fic. (Spielburg version) Everyone’s in character and it’s very realistic- if you liked the movie, take a look.

Momentary Seizure of Love by loneraven – utter crackfic. But brilliant. (A HP/BtVS/Velvet Goldmine/Good Omens/Stargate SG-1/Doctor Who/Life on Mars crossover, in case you were wondering.)

Cherish by nuit_belle -because the world needs more Jackie fic, and this one’s great.

Lightsabres through the Neck by charmisjess– a lovely Star Wars fic. A Count Dooku one, to be exact. It’s very well done and I demand all SW fans go have a read.


Brokeback Mountain in 30 seconds with bunnies– Oh come on, you must have seen this. You haven’t? Then see it. (Then see all the others.)

An incredibly gorgeous Anakin/Padme wallpaper by elrawien. Go stare.

An equally nice HP Houses wallpaper– by dark_velvet

What Jedi/Sith are you– I am pleased to say I was Luke.

Serenity in LEGO– LEGO rules the world.


sw_awards– we get more noms these days, but we could always use more.

leftbehind__ -Come on! We’ve got pictures of Noel Clarke without his shirt on!

War of the Worlds…

…is probably the most terrifying film I have seen all year…

That scene with the car is probably the scariest…when they drive the car through the crowd of people and everyone attacks it -ripping the glass out of the windows with their bare hands. It freaked me out because, you know, humans doing the attacking now. You could just feel the sheer panic…

The train shooting past the station on fire also scared the hell out of me. What was it doing on fire? Did the aliens do that, or what? And the clothes falling from the sky- and the dust- and the bodies in the river- and the tripods. That noise they make. I think I’ll freak out next time I hear a car horn or anything resembling that sound. They were terrifying- I’m so glad I didn’t see any pictures of them beforehand.

I know people have criticized the ending for being too sentimental, but I swear, all through the film I was really, really hoping they’d get a happy ending. So I was really glad when it came, although I’d love to know how Robbie made it home. Guess he’s more resourceful then he seemed…(As for how the aliens themselves ended, I think that could have been done better…it seems a bit adrupt if you never read the book (which I did. Er, sort of. The ending, anyway. :p))

So yeah. Go see it. It’s good. :p

And in the spirit of LiveJournal, does any kind soul want to point me towards fics, or a commumity? I was thinking the potential for fic was enormous, really…

(Oh, and I went shopping beforehand…the LEGO shop does Anakin Skywalker LEGO keyrings. *dies happy*)