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Thirteen Lives

Man, Ron Howard really excels at making disaster films with “thirteen” in the title, doesn’t he? I feared going in that this would be a Hollywoodized white saviour type movie, but nope, just a matter-of-fact dissection of events. The British rescue divers are portrayed as competent but it’s made clear they wouldn’t have been able to do what they did without the co-operation and sacrifice of people from all over the world.

The fact that everyone going into this movie knows exactly what happens doesn’t make it any less nerve-racking. It does show Saman Kunan’s death up close which I found very hard to watch.

A great film overall, and it also does the correct thing in not mentioning Elon Musk’s “involvement” at all. I’m sure he was longing to be the star of the kind of movie this movie isn’t.

Hero Thai Navy SEAL Who Took Part in Cave Rescue Dies After Year-Long Infection —

A Thai Navy SEAL who helped in the 2018 rescue of a boys soccer team who became trapped in a flooded cave has died from a blood infection he contracted during the operation, the Royal Thai Navy announced on Friday. According to Reuters, Petty Officer Beiret Bureerak had been receiving treatment for a blood infection…

Hero Thai Navy SEAL Who Took Part in Cave Rescue Dies After Year-Long Infection —

Oh man. This is so sad. I remember being relieved that “only” one person died during the rescue even though it was so close. I hope no-one else contracted the same thing from the cave. Water remains terrifying.


Maybe if you want to ugly cry a little bit because you need a reminder that people are still good check out this Twitter thread about the many people who helped support the Thai cave rescue. They didn’t go in and get the kids out themselves, but it would not have been possible without their help. These people include:

  • farmers who allowed their rice fields to be flooded so they could pump water out of the cave (and the water pumpers who will stay until they pump the water back out)
  • people who came just to cook food for the rescue camp, including the noodle vendors who pushed their cart up a steep, muddy road
  • masseuses for the rescuers
  • Sophia Thainant, leader of the Muslim women cave volunteers, who sourced and cooked halal food for the Muslim rescuers
  • the birds nest collectors (who came north on one-way tickets donated by their villages), who climbed into the caves and heard knocking

And last but not least, Saman Gunan, the ex-Thai Navy SEAL who died delivering oxygen tanks to the boys.