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Idk man, a widowed father who works full time and lives in his car so he can afford to keep his child fed while he lives with his aunts, who still makes time to see his kid every day, and who is possibly the only family member that child has who has not implicitly or explicitly wished in front of him that his mother had survived instead of him, fostering an intense survivor’s guilt in him where he feels like his loved ones blame him for the death of his mother

I just don’t see how people have ever managed to call Greg Universe a deadbeat, I mean, the one time the dude did a mildly bad thing is when he lied about being hurt so he could spend more time with Steven who he felt was drifting away from him, and even then he copped to it and apologized. His sole concern as a character in the entire show is taking care of and being there for his kid, he’s honestly one of the best dads on TV and I think it’s sad that people act like he’s a shitty father because he’s poor and spends what little available time and money he has on his son who he loves more than anything

Fucking this. Also he’s called a ‘washed up musician’ when he made a choice to abandon what could have been a good career– we see he’s got the chops– on his life as a husband and then father.

He didn’t fail. He succeeded at being what he wanted to be, which was ‘the respected partner of Rose aka an alien war general’ and ‘Steven’s dad’. He still makes music in his spare time and loves it, but his priority #1 (by choice NOT because he isn’t good for anything else) is Steven.

He was Steven’s primary caretaker until he hit the limits of what he could teach (aka gem stuff), and he gave Steven a loving, nurturing life full of physical affection, musical tutoring, family traditions and outings.

I don’t think the gems pay for Steven’s cell phone subscription. I’m pretty damn sure that Greg thought a phone with music storage capacity for his son was a better use of his cash than anything for himself. He’s content living in the van, I think – he strikes me as being pretty zen– but he does have needs.

He always puts those needs second for Steven, except the once, which was such a huge anomaly we got an entire story arc about it.

Reviewers make a lot of how Steven seems to have ‘inherited’ Rose’s kind nature– bull. Bull and shit. Yes to some extent he does have Rose in him, but to ignore how much of his nurturing and forgiving nature he LEARNED from Greg is just lazy.

Greg Universe’s lover laughed in his face when he asked her if she respected him and he stuck around and talked it out like a goddamn adult.

Greg Universe had his home wrecked because he helped the Crystal Gems fight off Lapis and never turned his distress on them.

Greg Universe got pushed off a fucking roof because a badly socialized tech support agent wanted to see if he could fly and immediately forgave her because she didn’t know any better.

Greg has never told his son to ‘man up’ or ‘butch up’ or ‘toughen up’. Greg would have stared blankly if anyone ever suggested that he was ‘babysitting’ his own child. Greg is a huge part of why Steven is who he is and he chose to be there because he never for a second questioned or shirked his responsibility as a father.

Greg Universe for dad.  Like, every dad of every animated character who has a shitty or absent father.  Shinji from Evangelion?  Now Greg’s son.  Eren from SNK?  Now Greg’s son.  Meg from Family Guy? Now Greg’s daughter.

Steven has Rose’s boundless curiosity about and fascination with other people, but his empathy and patience? His desire to not only observe others’ growth in whatever intriguing form it takes, but to nurture? He gets that from Greg.

Steven Universe is coming to consoles with original RPG


For the first time ever, a game based on Steven Universe is heading to consoles. Steven Universe: Save the Light will launch this summer, Cartoon Network announced.

The game is in development at Grumpyface Studios, and it’s set to please both diehard viewers of the moving, very musical cartoon and newcomers. Save the Light is a sequel to 2015’s Attack the Light, an action role-playing game which was well-received, even by non-fans.

Save the Light will also feature an original story from the show’s creator, Rebecca Sugar. Steven and his fellow Crystal Gems are tasked with retrieving a seriously powerful magical weapon when it’s stolen from Beach City, and the only way to do that is to … engage in tons of role-playing game-style battles, naturally. The console RPG will feature a mix of real-time and turn-based gameplay, with plenty of party customization and puzzle-solving too.

There’s no release date beyond the summer window, but console owners can look forward to learning more about the very cute, very stylish game at PAX East this weekend. Check out some screens below, and crank up the Steven Universe jams while you scroll through.



“And that’s why I’m here, isn’t it!? Did you make me just so you didn’t have to deal with all your mistakes? Is that all I’m here for?”