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[Image ID/ Tweet from verified user Lucy Huber (@/ clhubes) reading: The funniest thing that’s ever happened to me as a parent is once my 2yo was having a full on meltdown and accidentally kicked an electric toy dinosaur and it went “Can you feed me?” and my son, through massive sobs, goes “no I can’t right now, dinosaur” and continued screaming /End ID]




my kinda boyfriend person took me to build a bear today for my birthday and he chose a sound to put in it and like he wouldn’t let me know what sound it was and he said I couldn’t listen until we got in the car so I was kinda worried bc I thought it was going to be super vulgar or sappy and gross or whatever but we leave build a bear and I press my bear’s hand and it just makes this super loud velociraptor sound.

update: the bear’s name is Jeff and he sleeps in my bed and last night I rolled on top of him and proceeded to get so freaked out by that god forsaken dinosaur noise that I rolled off the bed.

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