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The ladies of the Spider-Man movie trilogy appreciation post:

Mary Jane Watson: Already looked at her in some depth here!

May Parker: Is the main (well, the only) reason I can’t get behind the ‘Steve and Tony are Peter’s parents!’ thing that fandom has going on. Because Peter still has a living parent: her! And while she could have easily been nothing but a featureless advice dispenser in these films, she actually had some depth to her- the scene where she shouts at Peter to take his birthday money from her even though she’s broke, that’s such a parent thing, it’s happened to us all, I loved it.

Gwen Stacy: I probably do prefer Emma Stone’s version of her, just because we got to know her better. But I love Bryce Dallas Howard’s interpretation too, she was just so nice. I like to think her and MJ became friends in this ‘verse too, sometime in the future.

Betty Brant: Her role amounted basically to a cameo in every movie, but it was still good to see her. I loved the couple of moments she did get with Peter. Also, I love Elizabeth Banks.

Ursula Ditkovich: I’ve thought for a long time that she (and her father sometimes, too) are basically the audience surrogates in Spider-Man 2 and 3- Ursula’s constantly rooting for Peter, and picking him up when he’s down. Plus, she’s named after Steve Ditko, one of Spidey’s creators. In other news, I love her to tiny pieces and might do an in-depth post about her, too, if there’s any interest. Or even if there’s not.

Rosie Octavius: We didn’t get much of a chance to know her, but her relationship with her husband was one of my favourite things about Spider-Man 2. I know that she’s really more of a device to humanize Doctor Octopus than a character in her own right, but I still liked her a lot. The novelisation expands a bit on her, actually, which is nice.

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The International Women’s Day drabbles:

Insults -Luna (HP) for livii
Jealousy -Jackie and Trisha Delaney (Doctor Who) for aelie_baby
Past and Future -Gwyneth (Doctor Who) for tenebraeli
News -Rosie (Spider-Man 2) for chibisophia
Older -Sora (Digimon) for shandyla
Anniversary -Padme (Star Wars) for leia_nabarrie

…just because I like listing things.

Expect an icon post later- and more after that, because I’ve got a huge backlog of icons. :)