UK Healthcare vs US Healthcare — Coalition of the Brave

In light of the decision by Tory MPs to deny the NHS protection from being sold off as part of trade deals, I wanted to highlight the stark differences in the UK and US healthcare systems, to illustrate why we need to protect the NHS from encroachment by US businesses. Firstly, some basics. Hopefully you […]

UK Healthcare vs US Healthcare — Coalition of the Brave

There’s so many gofundmes I’ve seen where people literally beg for their lives because the US government won’t help them. You have a chronic condition and unless you were born rich it just seems like you’re fucked. I know I don’t live there but seeing stories like that every day on social media, god it breaks my heart.


Here’s the news today. MPs voted against protecting the NHS from foreign interests. It seems to have happened very quietly. It didn’t even make the BBC website. (Still hasn’t in fact.)

Oh but the clapping! They all did a lot of clapping.

Right now, living in Britain with medically vulnerable family it feels like a big dark cloud is constantly over your head. It’s unfair and it’s fucked up and I can’t even imagine what it’s like for people who don’t have any sort of safety net.

In 2017 Boris Johnson launched group proposing NHS sell-off to US firms after Brexit

Well, I’m in a constant state of terror right now

Pride’s Purge:

Boris Johnson spoke at the launch of a leading Conservative think tank in 2017, which has revealed plans to allow private US firms to take over NHS hospitals after Brexit.

The radical plans were revealed in recommendations by the organisation called ‘The Initiative for Free Trade’:

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