mamma mia


God, I want Mamma Mia to become the Fast and Furious franchise of musicals. They just keep making them for no reason, and the more they make the more you don’t even care that there isn’t a plot.

You think we care about a plot? The first movie could have been solved in 2 seconds with a DNA test, but instead they decide to sing about how this girl doesn’t know which of these 3 men is her dad for 2 hours and in the end THEY STILL DON’T HAVE AN ANSWER. AND NO ONE CARES.

The plot is ABBA karaoke, and it brings me joy. That’s all you need to know.

Does anyone in either movie actually suggest Sophie get a DNA test? Because if not, I kinda like to think of Mamma Mia as being a world exactly identical to ours technology-wise, except no-one ever invented DNA testing.




wish i lived in the Mama Mia Extended Universe where almost everyone’s poor but being poor means you have a single bedroom filled with adorable assorted mismatched furniture that still follows a decorative scheme and you have a great view and a french press 

and if you stand in one spot long enough a very attractive man will walk by and just fall madly in love with your fun energy and offer you a ride in his pedicab 100 miles up the coast to a wonderful little bakery where the owner will also love your energy and just leave it to you in her will for some reason, along with her rolodex that includes at least three more attractive dating options 

oh also you can duet with an invisible ghost right there in public and no ones even going to get on your case about it. utopia