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50 species of lizard and one species of snake reproduce through parthenogenesis (that’s the fancy word for producing offspring as a female without having sex).


Whiptails are stimulation ovulators. That is to say, they can’t ovulate without having sex.

So not only do they are give birth through immaculate conception, they’re ALL LESBIANS.

There are two kinds of parthenogenesis seen in reptiles. That used by whiptails and the other all female species is true cloning – the egg contains the female’s full genetic material).

Other species including komodo dragons use another form of parthenogenesis where they actually fertilize themselves, with a haploid polar body used instead of a sperm. Because of the way reptile sex chromosomes work, this form of parthenogenesis can produce males as well as females – however, the females produced have weird sex chromosomes and can only lay other females. It’s used as a backup reproductive strategy if they can’t find a mate. This works because in reptiles, unlike mammals, its the males that have two sex chromosomes the same (ZZ) and the females different (ZW). Females produced by parthenogenesis are WW – and that’s what happened to the whiptails. They lost the Z chromosome and now are all WWs.


Reptiles are fascinating.

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PSA to all Vastra/Jenny fans with access to BBC iPlayer!



This week CBBC aired an episode of their show ‘Marrying Mum and Dad’ – essentially a show where kids organise their parents weddings – and this week saw a Doctor Who themed wedding where the kids had their two mothers marry as Vastra and Jenny!

It’s available to watch here for the next 27 days.

I wish I could watch this!

This just gives me so many feels. Look at how important Vastra and Jenny are to people, especially kids.

Representation matters!