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This upcoming Boba Fett movie, it NEEDS to have both Temuera Morrison and Daniel Logan in it! They should’ve been trending the second the news was announced! Consider: Morrison could play both flashback-Jango and older-Boba and Logan could play both young Jango (if needed) and in-his-prime Boba. Daniel Logan looks like this now, i.e. amazing. Temuera Morrison is a damn good, award-winning actor; Daniel Logan was a great actor at 14 so imagine what he’s like now. Why would any writer/director/producer pass up this opportuniiiiiiiiiity


In 2002, Star Wars fans learned that fan favorite bounty hunter character Boba Fett was actually a person of color under that distinctive green helmet.  Young Boba Fett was played by actor Daniel Logan, who is of Maori descent.  Fans also learned that Fett was a clone of Jango Fett, a character played by Temuera Morrison,  who is also of Maori descent.  Presumably, the adult Boba Fett would grow up to look exactly like Morrison.  

(Logan is depicted in the above images as a young kid in Episode II and dressed up in Boba Fett’s armor in a fan photoshoot.)

This week, Disney announced plans to produce a new Star Wars movie featuring Boba Fett as the central character.  If the casting for this character remains consistent and is not whitewashed, this Boba Fett film will be one of the most high profile Hollywood lead roles for a Maori actor, ever.

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What’s Jango Fett’s favourite Christmas carol? #jangofett #starwars #temueramorrison

Okay so you can chalk me up as one person who totally did not expect Jango Fett himself to totally cameo at the end of that lovely carol.


Here’s what I can’t get over re: Jango Fett. 

– He gets paid out the ass by Kaminoans to serve as the clone template and to train initial clones/design their armor to the point that after he died, according to the wiki, the clones circulated that Fett was tricked into killing Jedi and unaware of Dooku being evil because he was so well-liked by the clones that they didn’t want to believe he was the bad guy 

– “Despite his pay, which is considerable,” he keeps up bounty hunting???? like he even needs the money. that is true dedication to a career. (imagine him being like “get a job doing what you love, Boba, and you’ll never work a goddamn day in your life”) 

– The Kaminoans are like, “do you want anything else?? for being so awesome” and he’s just like, “yeah, give me a clone baby. I think I’m ready to become a single dad”

I freaking love that Jango Fett’s sole goals in life appeared to be “kill people for money and BE A GOOD DAD.”