I love this theory


You know what?

It would make complete sense for Regulus’ Animagus to be a cat. I mean think about it, Sirius’ is a dog. What better way to parallel that than a cat? And since Regulus is a star in the Leo Constellation and Leo is a lion and cats are notoriously linked to lions, it actually makes astronomical sense as well.

And just imagine the Marauders’ faces when they learn that Regulus went through all of the proper legal processes to become an Animagus and it turns out that he’s a cat. A cat.

He’s not even a handsome one either.

And Sirius picks on him all the time and Regulus turns bright red but secretly Sirius couldn’t be more proud of his little brother (he always is).

And I imagine that Regulus is so embarrassed by his form that he doesn’t really tell anyone. Certainly none of his big, tough, Death Eater chums who would laugh him out of the organization. Then again, maybe that would give him an excuse to leave. Because lately, he’s beginning to feel like it’s up to him to take down Voldemort.

And the time finally comes, when he’s standing on that small island in the middle of the cave, staring down at the locket. He orders Kreacher to remove it when he’s done drinking, and he tells Kreacher that if anyone in the future should interrogate him, he is to say that the Inferi dragged him under. And then Regulus turns into a cat. And he drinks. Why? I’ll tell you why. Animagi are less prone to magical effects, as evidenced by the fact that Sirius was able to resist the Dementors’ effects when he was Padfoot and the fact that James, Sirius, and Peter traveled around with a werewolf and weren’t transformed.

So he turns into a cat and he drinks.

And he stays a cat, even after Kreacher has taken the amulet and has retreated. After all, it’s best that the world thinks he’s dead. That way, they won’t come looking for him.

So Cat!Regulus goes to Sirius and he transforms long enough to explain what’s happened and Sirius agrees that he needs to stay under cover. And he does. He stays undercover at James’ house because there’s nowhere safer, what with Sirius as the Secret Keeper. James and Lily know who he is, of course, but they refer to him as ‘the cat’ in letters to Sirius, lest anyone intercept them. Regulus transforms into his human self a few times – he never could resist holding Harry – but he mostly stays as a cat, even if it means getting run over by a toddler on a broomstick.

But then, Halloween comes and disaster strikes.

By the time Cat!Regulus can pull himself out of the wreckage, he is badly hurt and has a squished face that never seems to leave. Worst off, James is dead, Lily is dead, Harry is being taken to an abusive household, and his brother is being taken to prison.

There’s nothing that he can do. There’s nobody that he can trust. There’s nobody that would trust him.

And so he goes to Diagon Alley. And he waits. And he watches. And he listens. Because he knows that Voldemort is coming back. After all, he knows about the horcruxes. And he knows that Pettigrew is out there. The man who killed James and Lily. But even worse, the man who framed his brother.

Stay with me here.

Years later, Regulus is still hanging around Diagon Alley. A few people have tried to adopt him but he intentionally sabotages each and every attempt. After all, it’s just a matter of time before news strikes. And it does, though not in the way that he expects. For all of a sudden, his brother’s face is up on the walls, in the newspapers, his name being spoken by everyone.

He’s escaped.

Of course he has. Regulus is not the least bit surprised that his brother is the first person to break out of Azkaban. He’s just surprised that it took this long. According to the news, Sirius is heading for Hogwarts. So that’s where he has to go as well. And his ticket there? A girl with frizzy hair who wants to spend the money that her parents gave her for her birthday.

Oh yeah.

And so he gets to Hogwarts and he does everything within his power to try to capture Pettigrew, the man who framed his brother. And then, his brother’s there. The reunion is a bittersweet one, filled with lots of barking, lots of purring, and lots of Dementors sweeping past. And the brothers are reunited once more. And Regulus helps Sirius break into the castle on numerous occasions while also going after Pettigrew. All ending on the night that finds them all in the Shrieking Shack, wherein Regulus sees his brother’s brother’s son pointing a wand at a surprisingly calm Sirius.

And so Regulus steps forward and plants himself on his brother’s chest, refusing to move.

Yes, my friends.

I have come at you in the past four and a half years with multiple theories as to what really happened to our little R.A.B. And this is yet another theory:

Regulus Black was Crookshanks all along.

(Which sort of goes along with my theory from last year that Crookshanks is the Potters’ cat: X Actually this makes that theory make even more sense.)



People have already theorized that more than one being exists for each gemstone; meaning, there are many pearls, many amethysts, many rubies and sapphires, etc.

If only ONE being existed for each kind of gemstone, even if there are thousands of kinds, Homeworld would barely have enough hands to run the empire, let alone manage the implied-hundreds of conquered planets. There would HAVE to be more than one gem for each gemstone. (Not to mention for the gem population to be large enough that the Crystal Gems are still cleaning up corrupted gems centuries later.)

But that’s not what I’m talking about. What I wonder is, how do you think gem society would TREAT these copies? What caught my attention the most was Rose Quartz’s line in Lion 3: Straight to Video.


“This world is full of so many possibilities. Each living thing has an entirely unique experience. The sights they see, the sounds they hear. The lives they live are so complicated, and so simple.”

Rose is awestruck at the idea that a group of living creatures can have unique lives – that they experience new sights and sounds different from anyone else.

What I theorize is that gems are considered interchangeable with others of their “breed,” and made to be nearly identical to each other. Of course they would have different memories and slightly differing personalities based on their experiences, but you could destroy an Emerald and fill that position with another Emerald and hardly notice. Peridots are always weak technicians who adhere to the rules, Jaspers are always military brutes, Lapis Lazulis always control water. Every gem, when cut, has a future already etched in stone, members of different gem breeds essentially sharing the same life as others of their breed. If they DON’T act exactly like they are grown to, then there is something wrong with them.

That isn’t to say gems CAN’T be different, or want different things, (the Crystal Gems and Rose’s rebellion being the case and point), but most gems are loyal to Homeworld or are too afraid/too ignorant to even think about moving from their place in society.

This is why Rose Quartz would be fascinated that humans are all born different and can choose their own life.


This is also why Jasper would call Pearl “some lost, defective Pearl” in The Arrival, because she chose to rebel with Rose Quartz instead of staying loyal to her pre-set duties. She is defective because she didn’t obey the calling Homeworld had chosen for pearls. 

It could also give Peridot’s statement a little more context, while still being funny. 


“There appears to be an infestation of ‘Stevens’ in the Kindergarten.”

“And how many more ‘Stevens’ are present in this area?”

If this theory is correct and gems are all made to be the same, Peridot might have assumed other species were similar, with “Stevens” being a “kind” which is why she lumped him into a group. Then again she specifically mentioned humans as a singular species instead of ‘stevens’ being a breed of humans, so this might be reaching.

If this is correct it would also make fusions more complicated. Are there non-fusion Opals, Garnets, Alexandrites, Sugilites and Malachites naturally in gemkind? Could a singular gem we know of (like an Amethyst or a Pearl) be a fusion of two gems? Could you take ANY Sapphire and ANY Ruby and mush them together to make the same Garnet or would the fusions differ?

The only way we’d know if this theory holds water is if one of the casts meets a counterpart gem. What do you guys think?

Fuuuuck this is rad