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616 Harry Osborn is such a unique character partially because he is composed of so many traits commonly derided, treated as jokes or used to turn a character into a one note gimmick in mainstream media yet he’s mostly (MOSTLY, I am glaring at a select few writers here) been written as someone we’re supposed to sympathize with, moreover someone who must learn to sympathize with himself

He’s far from conventionally attractive but is never mocked for it

He has no badass powers, yet his narrative is not about acquiring them but about how forcing them on himself is harmful. He’s not a genius or natural leader either, and he doesn’t need to be – His greatest asset is the love and gentleness in his heart

He’s a jumpy and effeminate man, but is never presented as lesser for it and must in fact accept himself, moreover accept that the people he cares for love and respect him as he is, in order to start healing from his childhood trauma.

He has a “scary” mental disorder, the handling of which has admittedly been dubious. But if nothing else, Harry gets to exist as a character who is kind and caring and deserving of love, who also happens to have schizophrenia. Not to mention that JMD has actually woven Harry’s condition into his goblinizing without using if as a direct cause, but rather as a contributing stress factor that accelerated a pre existing emotional issue.

Similarly, his substance abuse is rooted in his troubled upbringing and the emotional scars its left him with but is never played as “tragically beautiful” or “dark and sexy” (I could go on a whole nother tangent here about how 616 Harry defies the common troubled rich boy with daddy issues archetype in many ways)

I think all of these were pretty rare things to find in mainstream media for the time they were being written, and in many respects still are today. Finding all of them in one character who is so complex and well developed and iconic to the franchise on top of it is even more interesting

Harry Osborn and Eugene “Frog-Man” Patilio: A ribbeting parallel — harryosborn.net

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Harry Osborn and Eugene “Frog-Man” Patilio: A ribbeting parallel — harryosborn.net

I wrote this over at harryosborn.net and decided to post it here too! Sadly it only has two frog puns in it.