Final Space 3×01

Gosh I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve seen these characters. A great first episode for this season! Properly gruesome and dark, honestly the jokey bits just feel completely out of place now. (Apologies to Tribore and Tribore’s mysterious adult child.) We’ve lost a couple of robots already, aww man. Ash’s putting that giant bot-brain-thingy out of his misery was an interesting moment and I have a horrible feeling it’s foreshadowing for something much, much worse later.

Quinn appearing to have a part of final space in her (right?) also qualifies.

It amuses me no end this episode’s blatant nod to the Garycato shippers. I suppose there’s no way Olan Rogers hasn’t encountered all that jazz at this point. Uh, congrats to you guys? This might be the last happy moment between those two for a while and I feel your pain.

This show has gotten even more surreally beautiful this season. The designs for the Titans are gorgeous. And I never get tired of shots of Gary and Quinn holding each other while the world ends around them.