Policeman killer of Michael Brown scot free — Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 1 August 2020 video says about itself: Prosecutor Will Not Charge The Police Officer Who Shot And Killed Michael Brown In Ferguson St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell announced that he will not charge former police officer Darren Wilson with the murder of Michael Brown. Wilson, a white officer, shot and killed Brown on […]

Policeman killer of Michael Brown scot free — Dear Kitty. Some blog

The Ferguson protestors never got justice.



Last Night in Ferguson (8.11.15): Shit continues to be fucked up. The police continue to outright assault protesters and make indiscriminate arrests. A year later, the police are also no better at de-escalating tensions. And then, the Oath Keepers showed up… who the fuck and why?! Overall, nearly 150 protesters were arrested yesterday in Ferguson/St Louis. #staywoke #farfromover

If you ever want evidence of what it is to operate in a police state; where suppression of journalists, squelching of public assembly and peaceful protest are shrugged off and or encouraged by “tyranny fearing” armed militiamen who help do it… this is American dystopia. 

The human rights nightmare that was bad enough the first time. Now its just obvious that nothing whatsoever has changed. 




The interim Ferguson Police Chief straight up LIED in an interview for the L.A. Times when he said Mike Browns body was left outside for over 4 hours because “it was too dangerous” from all the “hostile gun fire.” 

Mind you we have actual video evidence proving otherwise.


#Staywoke yall

Yo. I will not stop reblogging this, because we need to be reminded of how BLATANT these fucks are.



emergency update: donate to a bail fund for protestors arrested in St. Louis today

hey all- if you’re keeping up with the #MoralMonday actions in St. Louis, Deray, Netta, Cornel West, and around 50 others were just arrested in front of the courthouse. MORE is continuing to raise bail funds, please reblog and donate if you can. 

#FreeDeray #FreeNetta







on the anniversary of Mike Brown’s murder, the police have shot and murdered another Black man at the Ferguson protests. Just now. Right now.

I don’t even know what to say. I’m just pissed beyond measure. PISSED.

@search4swag has documentation on his twitter timeline but yall extreme TRIGGER WARNING. ok. it’s a lot

New report, he’s alive in critical condition, at the hospital.

fuck the police as usual