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fourteen favourite shots: Doctor Who season two

Doctor Who season two is another season I don’t really vibe with, to be honest. (Ask me one day about my complete and utter loathing for Ten as a person.) On the other hand it has Mickey, Jackie and Sarah Jane in it so that’s something.

Also shout out to Billie Piper’s acting throughout the whole thing, she was giving it her all.

Doctor Who: Eve of the Daleks

Okay, so I was left a bit jaded by Flux, I really didn’t like it at all that much in retrospect, but I DID like Eve of the Daleks A LOT MORE. Just a nice simple (by Who standards) story about the romance between two complete weirdos, complete with Daleks. Actually this might be the best use of the Daleks for ages, they were way more engaging in this story than they usually are.

And, oh my god, they made Thasmin canon?!?! And did it really well?!?!

Doctor Who: Flux #6 liveblogging

Not ACTUALLY liveblogging, because while this episode was airing I was on a train having the worst travel time of my entire life, FAR worse than what anyone has had in the TARDIS, but there ya go. Let’s see if this episode makes any of the previous ones make sense!

-Everything that comes out of the mouths of those two shiny rock aliens sounds so unnaturally sexual, I’m sorry.

-Kate! Kate is here again! Wooo!

-Awww, the look on Yaz’s face when she gets the Doctor back.

-Swarm is going to turn out to be the Master, isn’t he?

-Oh that’s what the house is all about, I like that house, it’s very well designed.

-“She was amazing, is amazing.” Awww, it’s a shame we probably won’t be getting much more of the Yaz-Dan relationship, I always like seeing companions interact with each other.

-“Your delicious mouth snacks wrapped in paper.” Ah I could never dislike the Sontarans, they’re too funny, and they also look like shriveled potatoes.

-I can never remember dog guy’s name so I’m gonna call him Dogtor Who.

-This episode is so aesthetically pleasing (love that sudden jump into the Passenger) and oh man it still makes so little sense.

-Di is pretty badass, she’d make a great companion if she doesn’t die.

-Or is the Grand Serpent gonna be the Master? I just figure someone is.

-Two doctors! Ah it’s Tentoo all over again.

-“I’ve got such a crush on her!” ?!

-Both sets of couples reunite! I… kinda thought this would be a bigger moment?

-If the baby turns out to be the Timeless Child/the Doctor there will be CHAOS in the fandom, absolute MADNESS

-I feel like Jericho isn’t going to last much longer.

-Man the CGI budget for this series has really gone up hasn’t it?

-Yep, there goes Jericho, I knew that was coming. Went out like a badass though.

-God I’m so confused about the whole Time thing, SO confused. Also jeez is it just me or has the Doctor like… totally abandoned her no killing/no genocide rule this episode? S’not like she’s the first one to do so though.

-You can really see how good an actress Jodie is when she has to act opposite herself as two different characters.

-“And their Master” ah yeah, theeeeere we go.

-I feel like Yaz and Dan should be a lot more traumatized than they currently are. Also I wish Yaz’s family were around much more than they are, I really miss the days when the companion’s family was part of the main cast.

-I genuinely thought Yaz and the Doctor were gonna kiss then and now I’m kind of disappointed that they didn’t.

-Daleks? For a New Year’s special?

Doctor Who: Flux #5 liveblogging

-Alright this is the one with Kate Stewart! We haven’t seen her for years!

-Awww, poor Dan, he still hasn’t quite got the hang of Companion-ing. Not that I blame him/

-I feel like Jericho probably isn’t gonna last to the end of this episode.

-Oh hey an Ood! I feel we haven’t seen them for years either, although I could be wrong.

-This is a very different-seeming Yaz, she’s now rather more… Doctor-ish than when we left her. Since she also only has a few episodes to go (I think?) I wonder how they’re gonna write her out.

-Yaz watches a hologram of the Doctor while sad romantic music plays in the background, yeah I see why people ship them.

-This old lady has GOT to be Tecteun right? She’s got the arrogance at least.

-Ah, multiverses. Is it even a franchise if there isn’t a multiverse?

-AHAHA! I was right! It’s her!

-Ugh, what a horrible and snakey way to kill someone.

-“I prefer to be called…” I was SURE “THE MASTER!” was coming, but nope.

-Ohh Tecteun is so horrible, the very archetype of the wicked stepmother. She’s a great villain, I hope she sticks around for a bit.

-Ahaha this hermit guy is great, provides a good moment of levity in a somewhat dark episode.

-“Reverse the polarity” !

-FOB WATCH? Oh I wasn’t expecting that. Can confirm from my husband casual viewers have no idea what the fob watch is or what it does.

-Tecteun about to go, “Together we can rule the universe as mother and daughter!”

-Ah HERE’S Kate Stewart. Gosh I hope she doesn’t die.

-Osgood! Osgood gets a mention!

-Aw crap, there goes [redacted], that sucks.

Female Doctor Who robs boys of role models, claims Tory MP — BBC News – Home

MP Nick Fletcher suggests boys are turning to crime because male characters tend to be criminals.

Female Doctor Who robs boys of role models, claims Tory MP — BBC News – Home

Absolutely the FUNNIEST thing I have seen today. Also unbelievably insulting to boys, which I’m sure wasn’t his intention. What, the only thing standing between your average boy and a life of crime was David Tennant and his sonic screwdriver?