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Doctor Who Flux #1 liveblogging

-I do wish we’d gotten some adventures with just Yaz and Thirteen. It’s a dynamic we’ve seen annoyingly little of.

-Ah, some Victorians whose attitudes are identical to the Tories! Right down to the hating the poor!

-Here’s John Bishop! Awww Dan seems nice. Very devoted to Liverpool.

-That’s an interesting thing there, the Ruth Doctor was a tour guide as well…

-This lady only has one arm, I appreciate that little bit of inclusivity.

-Awww Dan seems SUPER nice! I hope he doesn’t die.

-He refused free food but all his cupboards are bare. :(

-I would ALSO smash the whirring beeping thing with a big axe.

-I can’t take the giant talking dog very seriously, sorry.

-Claire is interesting, I gather there’s a big spoiler about her out there, I’m not gonna look it up

-Oh… that. That was the spoiler. Claire, going into the house won’t help you hon

-And here’s Jacob Anderson as well! Sitting in what looks like a reused set from The Impossible Planet

-Galactus? Is that you? Is Doctor Who about to be sued by Marvel?

-Wow there are a lot of plotlines bouncing around here

-This space dog sounds so much like Sean Bean… is it him?!

-Oh now we have the Sontarans too! It’s a full-on monster reunion!

-This is gonna be something to do with The Timeless Child, isn’t it?

-Is this creepy alien dude The Master? That kinda sucks for Sacha Dhawan if so

-HELP this is so confusing

-Oh Mary Seacole is in the next episode! Sweet! I’ve always thought there should be an episode about her as one of Britain’s most underrated heroines.

fourteen favourite shots: Doctor Who season one

I’ve wanted to do a Fourteen Favourite Shots for Doctor Who for a while now, but honestly the Clarke-Barrowman allegations put a major damper on me wanting to make anything Who-related. But I guess time has passed, and there’s a new series about to come out now which involves neither of them, so…

I don’t know I’ll necessarily watch season one again, I had some big issues with it even before the news hit, but here ya go. Fourteen shots from the thirteen episodes I guess made me a Who fan.

Fixing Doctor Who’s Barrowman problem

John Barrowman has now been fired from Dancing on Ice (though curiously he continues to be employed by ITV) and it got me wondering. There’s no way in hell he’s coming back to Doctor Who now but… I like Jack. He had a big impact on my teenage self, he was Important in a way I couldn’t even explain. And of course he was in the middle of a return to the show when this happened, unlike DW’s other sex offender Noel Clarke. (God I still can’t believe I’m typing those words.)

At this point I have had a LOT of characters who I love turn out to be played by sex offenders and I have only one solution. Every time something like this happens, please listen to me TV show execs, recast. Even if the actor was beloved before. Even if they still have defenders. Even if everyone remains convinced that no-one else could play the character, because I assure you they can. And when it comes to the Barrowman problem specifically…

…Just like as with the Doctor, there are built-in ways Jack can easily be recast! Maybe the Doctor gives him some spare regeneration energy off-screen and his appearance changes. Or you can go the technobabble route, have him fall into some magic face-changing machine. No-one cares about the explanation, it’s Doctor Who! Or then there’s the easiest possible route and my favourite, just have him age. We know Jack ages, just very very slowly, that’s how the Face of Boe came about.

So how about, let’s assume that the next time the Doctor meets Jack it’s well into the future from Jack’s POV. Jack has aged and no longer looks like John Barrowman. Bye bye, Barrowman. Who could play Aged-Up Jack then?

Well, I have one idea that keeps coming back to me. I think if Jack was recast the most important thing to do would have him be played by an LGBT actor, for obvious reasons. An LGBT icon maybe. Who can act. And who is universally recognized for being able to act. And who would bring in more viewers. And is a British icon on top of all of that. How about…

Yeah… I want Sir Ian McKellen to play Captain Jack Harkness.

(side note: While writing this I had to check Jack’s increasingly convoluted Wiki page and turns out his real name finally got revealed as “Javic Piotr Thane.” Huh. Well, I want Sir Ian McKellen to be able to deliver that name in his magnificent speaking voice too, then.)

Today’s Doctor Who news

An unpopular opinion here I know, I’m so sorry… but I really don’t like this development. Here’s a few reasons why:

1- There was lots that really, really wasn’t good about the RTD era in terms of representation. Suffice it to say I really don’t think a guy who tried to sneak the n-word into one of his scripts is suitable to be writing diverse stories. I’m sure he’s changed a lot over the years but he had huge blind spots, huge. And Doctor Who seemed to bring out the worst in him somehow.

2- In a show that’s about going forward, this seems like a big step backwards. Literally. We’ve done the RTD era. Why does he get another go when the modern-day series hasn’t even had a female showrunner yet?

3- This will give a lot more ammunition to the people who have been screaming “Go WOKE GO BROKE!” ever since Jodie was cast. The implication people are throwing up is that being that Being Woke ruined the show and they had to bring in an expert to fix it all again (despite the fact that Davies’ putting LGBT characters into the show would probably have also qualified as Woke if the word had existed back then.) And I hate that.

The BBC’s stance on Doctor Who fanfiction

(From here)

This was all over Doctor Who fan twitter today. Three initial thoughts:

  1. As pointed out in many of the aforementioned tweets, it was Doctor Who fans and their creativity that kept the fandom alive when the show was off air. If not for those fans there might never have been a revived series at all. What a kick in the teeth to them.
  2. I gather this particular FAQ has been around for a while and only went viral today, but uh, I don’t think the showrunners want/the show itself can handle any more bad publicity right now, even the tiniest bit?