chadwick boseman

Chadwick Boseman tribute art

It’s been just over a week since Chadwick Boseman’s passing. The sense of unfairness hasn’t gone away. I thought I’d post some of the tribute art I found on Reddit and Facebook.

(Boseman was all set to play this role, now it won’t happen, sigh.)

Chadwick Boseman

Oh man. I just woke up to the news. This is awful. It’s a loss to cinema I can barely comprehend and it’s so unfair.

Fuck cancer, especially fuck colon cancer, and fuck 2020. This is so terrible for his family and friends. Fucccck.

Here’s a scene from Black Panther which I think is probably one of the most important in the whole of modern-day movies.




Mark Hamill goodnaturedly patting Chadwick Boseman on the shoulder to celebrate his success is one of the most blessed images I’ve ever seen.

This is the Money Chadwick. Reblog In 47 minutes to get 48 million dollars.

Lol. Reblogging for M Hamill and all around Black Panther excellence.