New original 3D animated movie: Ducks.
The secret life of ducks when humans aren’t looking.

Whenever ducks fly south in the winter, they’re actually flying to a big city of ducks where they talk and have jobs and have traffic lights with pictures of ducks in them and every billboard and storefront is a bird pun.

A generic duck guy is a young adult who feels inadequate because his dad is a big broker in the bread stock exchange.

He accidentally reveals the secret life of ducks to a human child, and now he must take her south with him to duck city. On the way they get into hijinks and find out about a big duck conspiracy or something.

I was thinking at first this was an actual movie

It will be if you just give me 3 years and $150,000,000

How many times would “duck” be confused between the physical action and the animal in question?

12 times for comedic effect. 1 time used ironically in a sad moment in the end of act II. And 1 time in the last act when the protagonist has to say something badass when he defeats the bad guy.


today we found a lost king charles spaniel whose collar said donkey and he’s currently at my house until we find his owner.

we found out after the first couple of hours that he doesn’t respond to his name unless u say it like shrek, so idk what kind of human he belongs to.