“They didn’t actually burn the Mona Lisa, the real one is made of wood, not paper, like in the film!! Of course they wouldnt have given miles bron the real one!!”

Yeah…they didn’t burn the real Mona Lisa…because it’s a movie. Another thing is that paper might just look better than wood when it burns on film. Not only that, but it’s very realistic that miles would have obtained the real one. Rich people buy one of a kind, priceless art all the time, just because they believe they have that right.

Also, in the context of the film, it had to be the real Mona Lisa; Helen’s plan wouldn’t work if it turned out to be a fake. Miles would never always be mentioned in the same breath as the Mona Lisa if the real one didn’t burn.

I’m sorry if this makes people uncomfortable but in the Rian Johnson cinematic universe, the real Mona Lisa has been reduced to ashes.

I remember Andi saying that application of the Klear could “burn the world” and she was pretty obviously correct. So who knows what might have happened due to the arrogance and disgard for human life Miles and co had? Whole buildings could have exploded and killed thousands of people (plus probably a good few other irreplaceable works of art.) And the Klear was meant to be going into space even! I don’t know the science behind regular rockets let alone ones powered by a fictional substance but I think there was a very real danger there of a worldwide catastrophe. Let’s assume that around a million people, at a minimum, could have died because of Miles.

Under those circumstances, burning the Mona Lisa seems… kind of completely reasonable.