I’d like to take a moment and appreciate Bail Organa – a man who without thought to his own safety rushes towards the burning Jedi temple to try to help, then takes it upon himself to try and find Yoda and/or any other survivors because he KNOWS the Jedi wouldn’t betray the Republic.

He then without any hesitation adopts Leia, despite all the danger it would bring him and Breha (and Breha agrees to it), he loves and raises her as his own.

Despite the continued dangers of being a known Jedi sympathizer he remains in the Imperial Senate, secretly helping organize the Rebellion and introduces the Fulcrum program.

Then while his daughter is god knows where he immediately offers to rush to Tatooine to protect Luke since Obi-Wan isn’t there. Even though this likely means Leia is hurt or dead.

Bail Organa is a hero, and I think one of the first true Jedi-stans!!!

I love the Organas!!!