there’s something that makes my heart ache about the idea of obi-wan having had qui-gon at his side the entire time, but having been so clouded that he was not able to hear or see him, despite desperately calling out to him for aid. while he was seeking him, he was still closed off, still stuck in a tunnel of grief. only when he was more at peace, more open to the force, did he discover that his master had always been there, just like the force had always been there too. he’d lost sight of that, but after he regained his balance and harmony with the force, reintegrated himself with society and opened his heart to have faith in the future and trust in others, he’s rewarded with the force revealing to him that the help and strength he’d sought had been there at his side supporting him the whole time. it gives him this tremendous gift that he would no longer be so alone, both with qui-gon for the next decade until luke came of age, and afterward in eternitiy with yoda and then anakin too.