Today the governor of Texas released an official statement directing Family and Protective Services to investigate families of transgender minors on allegations of child abuse (with the intention of separating trans children from their families). It includes a “duty to report”, directing those who know or suspect the existence of a trans child to report it.

This is not a law, nor is it technically actively enforceable. But it is an official statement by a governor that WILL cause real consequences. It also emerges from all of the OTHER anti-trans legislation in action.

30/50 U.S. states are currently proposing legislation against the existence of trans minors (or sometimes people up to 21 years old).

As a trans person who transitioned as a minor in one of these states, I’ve been fighting against these laws for years with little to no news coverage. I am begging for people to care about this. These laws prohibit access to gender-affirming care, accuse families of trans minors of child abuse, jail doctors, and prohibit trans people from playing in sports. Some of these laws have already passed. Some are going to.

Here is a thread of resources in regards to what is happening in Texas right now.

Here’s a thread of GoFundMes of Texas families of trans children who are trying to move out of the state.

Here is a website where you can track these anti-trans bills in the U.S., see what is happening in your state, and see what action you can take.

Stay safe. Protect and uplift trans youth.