Fire Lord Ozai

Turns out Daniel Dae Kim has been cast as Ozai in the Avatar live-action series, and that served to remind me of one of my favourite things about the original show. (I have a lot of favourite things about that show, but anyway.) For two whole seasons we don’t see Ozai’s face, only this shadowy figure, and he’s built up and up as this terrible thing and then we finally see him-

-and he’s not a monster at all. In fact he looks noble, wise, attractive even. Heck, he looks more like the archetype of “wise teacher” than even Iroh does really. We the audience know Ozai’s done all these terrible things but it doesn’t show on his face at all. The first time I watched Avatar that completely threw me, I still think it was such a smart way to design a villainous character.

I hope they can pull off a similar thing in live action!