Remember the BBC’s anti-trans article from last week? It got even worse. The person quoted most prominently in the article, the one now known to be a rapist, it turns out the BBC probably knew about the accusations against her all along-

-and published anyway, for no reason other than to demonize trans women. Wait. It gets even worse from there, too. Yesterday Lily Cade published what can only be called a manifesto on her own blog, in which she called for the lynching (yes, really, this really happened) of prominent trans women including Caitlyn Jenner, Fallon Fox and the Wachowski Sisters. I’m led to believe at least some of the people she named know about it and have taken steps to protect themselves, but she was also threatening all trans women in the most revolting and violent terms, and-

-Well, the BBC didn’t report on it. Why would they? Not many media outlets did. Newsweek did, if you want to have a look and see what Cade said without having that bile injected directly into your eyeballs. But for the most part, in Britain, just total and complete silence.

This has just been one of the worst weeks I’ve ever witnessed for LGBTQIA people in the UK. I posted some of the information about Cade and the BBC on one of the forums I go to and I got this in response:

Which I’m posting here because it is a perfect snapshot of the UK’s attitude right now to the abuses going on under their nose.