ACTUALLY he has a VERY GOOD point, Qui-Gon

Dooku had a point in Ep. II: Qui-Gon likely would’ve been an easy turn had it come to that, between his passionate and impatient nature, his susceptibility to attachment, and his sense that the ends justify the means on some level. And we’ve all read enough fanfics where he gets Sithed to understand why that’d be horrifying in every sense of the word, right?

(Sidenote: So there’s a war on. Dark and full of terrors, as wars ever are. And you take a broken old man whose superpowers include feeling other beings’ suffering, and whose coping mechanisms include that friend-to-all-living-things, bring-home-all-the-strays shtick, and you stick him in that war, that galactic-scale war where he can’t even come close to 1% of 1% of saving everyone. Yeah, it’s not going to go well. Were I to write a General Jinn AU, it’d read like “Shatterpoint”. Or *worse*.)