Final Space 3×11

Jeez Avacato is a bit of a dick in this one isn’t he? That sounds like a bit of an odd thing to say about a character who has commited multiple murders and assassinations but there ya go. One tends to overlook his war crimes because he’s a cat and cats are just like that.

Elsewhere we meet a dead Gary in a horrific and yet IMHO rather touching scene, and also Bolo gets his head ripped off before the opening credits have even rolled! Yikes. Sorry I spent this whole season thinking you were bound to be revealed as super evil, Bolo. This whole episode was a great tribute to zombie movies and I note it had very few out-of-place jokes, excellent.

I was convinced this episode being called “The Dead Speak” was a reference to the now-infamous opening crawl of The Rise of Skywalker. Perhaps it is? Also upon seeing the title I was hoping Fox would be the dead person who got to speak, but no, awwww. :(